Cincity is a female DJ| Producer that loves all kinds of house music. Cindy has african/dutch roots, wich she uses as an inspiration for her music. Her first track with Cincity’s yazz called ‘Tudo bem’ was released in 2011 at Moganga, Gregor Salto’s recordlabel.

With a lot of support from other DJ’s such as Gregor salto this track was an amazing success. After a lot of good feedback they started getting more and more international bookings, they flew from Amsterdam to Portugal, from Portugal to Paris, from Paris to Luxembourg, from Luxembourg to Greece, from Greece to Cabo Verde, from Cabo Verde to Surinam and from Surinam to Egypt. Back in Holland they realeased a new track ‘Yaya’, this summer track was a huge international success.

From the beginning of the year 2014 cindy decided to go solo. And to show her diversity she came up with this idea to build a concept around herself. Cincity feels black and white at the same time, what kind of makes her grey. True colours are hard to find, but her music will explain it all. In the meanwhile she has been working with big artist like ntjam rosie and nelson freitas, amartey, kaysha and released some new singles

Cincity is the perfect dj for your party because she brings the perfect vibe and a genuine passion for what she does best “make you dance”. One thing is for sure, the music Cincity plays is always funky, refreshing and happy.